Gotham City-themed restaurant with 11 course menu opens in London

Gotham City-themed restaurant with 11 course menu opens in London

Behind the secret entrance lies five restaurant and bar spaces, all immaculately designed

A Gotham City-themed restaurant has opened in London’s Soho – but you’ll need a keen eye to spot it.

The new restaurant, opened in partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products and DC, is hidden behind a ‘secret’ entrance on Park Row.

Inside diners will find five restaurant and bar spaces all themed around their “favourite heroes and villains”.

Park Row founder, James Bulmer commented: “When you cross the threshold at Park Row, you arrive into our take on the fictional world of Gotham City.

“Food and drink that uses imagination, playfulness and storytelling to allow the diner to peel back the layers of their favourite heroes and villains.

“We wanted to create a movie set where you could feel like you’re truly immersed into the fantasy world. A venue that creates memories, shared experiences though moments of wonderment, a gastronomic amusement park.

Each area has its own distinct aesthetic and inspiration taken from individual DC Universe characters. Here’s what awaits:


Pennyworth’s is a restaurant and bar, quite the art deco masterpiece that pays homage to the Wayne family’s faithful butler.

The Iceberg Lounge

Imagine everything Oswald Cobblepot inspired. There’s champagne, cocktails, food and live entertainment in abundance.

Rogues Gallery
The restaurant within the gallery is dedicated to Catwoman (who else) and offers a menu of culinary masterpieces.

Old Gotham City
Inspired by the studies of Dr Pamela Isley and Dr Jonathan Crane, this late night bar acts as a safe haven for its criminal clientele to unwind.

Monarch Theatre

The jewel in the crown, this is a culinary and visual journey that pays homage to some of DC universe’s most iconic heroes and villains.

You’ll find floor-to-ceiling screens and 360-degree projection mapping. A one-of-a-kind gastronomic show, with intricately crafted staging and immersive courses that tantalize the senses.

Whether you want to be like Bruce and entertain the more sultry spaces or channel your inner Catwoman and embrace the finer things in life, there’s a space to suit any type of evening.